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 Cargo Tracking
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About HactlEnvironment
AJAPPLEGATE和黑人大战在线观看 AJAPPLEGATE和黑人大战无 ,火影忍者鸣人和雏田搞在线观看 火影忍者鸣人和雏田搞无删 ,ZZOO兽皇在线观看 ZZOO兽皇无删减 琪琪看片网

Hactl's commitment towards environmental excellence

Environmental Protection is a core value of Hong Kong International Airport. As the leading air cargo terminal locating at the world’s busiest air cargo hub, Hactl is committed to developing a sustainable business without compromising the need of the future generations.

We have adopted the best practices of the latest environmentally friendly guidelines and implemented a number of green initiatives in reducing waste, emission and energy consumption; recycling paper, plastic wrapping and pallets; and creating a clean air environment in SuperTerminal 1.

Clean Air

Hactl has implemented a number of measures to improve the air quality of SuperTerminal 1. We have been participating in the Clean Air Charter Certification Scheme since 2010 and is qualified for an Excellent Class Indoor Air Quality Certificate in 2013.

Reuse, Reduce & Recycle

Hactl is the first Cargo Terminal Operator and Ramp Handling Operator at Hong Kong International Airport to implement the best practices and be certified for ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems.
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We regularly monitor office consumption, encourage recycling of paper, plastic, bottles and recycling/reuse of computer and electronic waste. We recycle most of the plastic wrapping and wooden pallets, contributing to the green airport.


  • Clean Air Charter – Certificate of Compliance
  • Excellent Class – IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Certification
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems